Monday, March 3, 2008

McLaren formula 1 Rant

So this is going to be my ever so often rant about all things Mclaren and F1. So looking forward to Turkey where I think we will be strong as ever. Drivers' beef should be under control by now so we can expect plenty of clean fighting from the drivers Fernando and Lewis.

I'll put in my 10 pence about this beef. Well what Feranando does not seem to believe given that I think that someone in his camp would has said it to him. Well I will say it Ferenando you are the double World Champion and Mclaren want you as the tripple World Champion. So you get an even bigger head and Mclaren can say we made the best investment paying you £25m and Lewis £5m. From a cash point of veiw Lewis winning is not good cause as World Champion he will command a huge pay check. The counter arguement is that Lewis is an advertiser's dream and with the loss of tobbacco money a team need someone who brings the money in effortlessly. Back to Fernando he can't see this team bias when on track Lewis is beating him to the chequered flag dispite Lewis carrying 2-3 laps more fuel in qualifying on most Saturdays. Its clear Lewis is doing a good job and would you imagine if Kimi was still in the team Lewis might just still be a rookie trying to keep up. This is not a dis on Lewis it just saying it like it is. Lewis is a sensation, you can say Lewis is the future and it is bright. Only Mclaren need to come good on the investment after loosing Kimi.

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